Why Trane Air Conditioners Are Great For Triple-Digit Heat

Trane Air ConditionersWhen you live in Arizona cities like Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa or Queen Creek, you realize that the summer temperatures can eclipse 100-degrees for 1/3rd of the year. Since this is a statement of fact, finding the best AC system to power your home or office is not just a luxury – it’s a requirement. This is why many residents of these cities often choose Trane Air Conditioners to keep their homes cool when the triple-digit heat approaches.

3 Reasons Why Trane AC Units Are The Best Value For Arizona Homeowners

Reason #1 – Trane Air Conditioners Are Reliable

When your home is in an area that is frequently hammered with hot weather, your AC system will run around the clock. It’s due to this fact that most homeowners depend on Trane Air Conditioning systems to keep them cool. Trane AC units are very reliable for several reasons:

  • Professional installation experts here in the USA manufacture them with high-quality parts. Trane takes tremendous pride  in the quality of each product they manufacture. This includes the parts they use to create each AC system. Plus, professional technicians here in America assemble all Trane units sold in the US.
  • Trane systems are developed through years of trial and minimal error. Trane has been a dependable vendor of top-rated AC systems for several years. And with each new product they create, they learn and improve their efforts. This ensures that the Trane AC unit you buy is extremely dependable.

Reason #2 – Trane AC Units Are Energy Efficient

Another important factor for Arizona homeowners to consider is energy efficiency. When your AC system runs 24/7, most homeowners experience a huge rise in their monthly energy bills. However, when you buy an energy efficient system – such as those manufactured by Trane, you will save money each month on your utility bills. And since the hot weather stays in Arizona for a long time, these savings will add up over the long haul.

In fact, many of today’s top selling Trane systems are Energy Star® rated by the US Federal Government. And these systems can save homeowners between 20-30% off their monthly energy bills.

Reason #3 – Trane Systems Have Incredible Service Records

As we mentioned above, finding a dependable and reliable replacement AC system is important when you live in the desert. However, another important element is the service record that a manufacture will produce. And when it comes to name brand AC systems, Trane is among the leaders in reliability. Plus, each company that sells and installs Trane systems in Arizona is a certified Trane Comfort Specialist. This means that they know how to service these systems effectively to ensure they operate at peak efficiency even on the hottest days in Arizona.

When you’re looking for a new AC unit to keep your home cool, and you live in Arizona, you can depend on Trane Air Conditioners to get the job done – affordable and with incredible reliability.

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