Why is my air conditioner unit blowing cold air… in the winter?

Here at Air & Water Factor Cooling-Heating-Plumbing, we of course get phone calls and emails from customers with questions. Here are three common questions… and some answers.

A frequent call that we get during the winter is from customers asking “Why is my air conditioner unit blowing cold air… in the winter” – when they expect, and need, warm air.

A similar question is: “Why do I hear weird noises coming from my air conditioning unit during cold weather?”

And, last but not least, by any means, is the question:
“Why do I see fluid leaking from my air conditioner and why is my air conditioner smoking?”

Do you see smoke coming from your heat pump? Here’s why…

That’s a lot of questions, and they’re good questions. They are important questions. The one, simple answer to all of these is:
“Your heat pump system is going into defrost mode.”

When a heat pump system goes into defrost mode

All heat pumps have the ability to melt any frost that may accumulate on the outdoor coil (the condenser coil.) The way the heat pump removes the ice or frost is by switching a reversing valve which puts the system into air conditioning mode temporarily, just long enough to melt the frost.

During a defrost cycle the following things happen:
The ice melts and drains to the ground around the outdoor coil which explains the fluid people see. There is usually some steam rising from this water, and it looks like smoke. When the reversing valve switches from heating to defrost, it often makes noises that can alarm a homeowner…
and, the air temperature coming out of the vents in the house is cold.

This is all perfectly normal, assuming that your heat pump/HVAC unit is functioning correctly and efficiently.

In Phoenix and surrounding areas, the temperatures are rarely low enough for frost to accumulate so many people are surprised when they witness a defrost cycle. Most of the time it happens during the coldest part of the coldest nights in the Phoenix area.

There you have it: a short answer to some long questions about “Why is my air conditioner unit blowing cold air… in the winter?”

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