Why Buying Cheap Air Conditioners Is Not A Good Idea in Arizona

cheap air conditioners arizonaConsumers often are confused about the difference between cheap and affordable in many industries. However, looking for a cheap air conditioner to install at your Arizona home can often cost more in the long run. In fact, since most AC systems run around the clock in summertime, it’s always best to search for a dependable and reliable system designed to operate energy efficiently – saving you money each month on utility bills and fewer repairs.

Important Elements You Should Look For In Any Air Conditioning System For Your Arizona Home

First – Look for an Energy Star® Rated AC Unit

An Energy Star® rated AC system is one that has been tested and certified by the US Federal Government to operate efficiently around the clock. Most of these systems can save homeowners between 30-40% off their monthly energy bills due to the fact that they run so efficiently. Plus, many states, including Arizona offer some rebates for purchasing Energy Star® rated air conditioning systems. When you calculate the amount of money you’ll save monthly, and incentives provided by state power companies, most Energy Star® rated AC systems will save you more money than even the lowest price cheap AC unit.

Second – Shop Around and Always Ask Questions about Maintenance and Service Programs

If you think that buying a cheap air conditioner will save you money, contact your local AC service company and ask them about how frequently these cheap systems break down. The truth is that when an AC unit is ‘cheap’ it is often assembled with inferior parts by less-than-reliable mechanics. The end result is that when these systems have to work hard (as they will in Arizona) they will break down frequently. This is why the best thing you can do to ‘save money’ is to ask the opinion of a professional HVAC company.

You’d think that a HVAC Service Company would want to push you into buying a cheap system because they know you’ll need to call them frequently for paid repairs. But this isn’t the case. The truth is that nearly every air conditioning installation company will always recommend the system that will be dependable and won’t break down. The key, however, to the longevity of any system is routine maintenance. So always speak with any installation company about their service plans on quality systems as opposed to buying cheap air conditioners that will simply drain your wallet every year.