What Types of Heating Systems are Energy Efficient?

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Although we all enjoy the warmth and comfort that comes with using heating systems in Arizona in the winter, the truth is that many of us simply don’t know how they work. Do you know what type of heating system you have’? Is it an energy efficient heating system? Well, fear not – there are very some simple ways to learn the facts about your HVAC system.

Easy Ways to Determine What Type Of Heating System You Have

Check the Connection on the Heating System

The first way to determine what type of heating unit you have is to physically verify the connections to the device. Here are a few easy ways to do this:

  • Find the location of your heating unit. In many new homes, heating systems are linked with the air conditioning system in what’s known as an All-In-One HVAC System. Older homes will have the separate systems, and quite often have a furnace that is natural gas heated. 
  • Check for a gas lines connecting to the heating system. If you have a gas powered heating unit, you will easily see natural gas lines connected to the system. If there is no gas line, you have an electric heating unit.
  • Look for a shut off valve. Another easy way to determine if you’ve got an electric or gas powered heating unit is to look for a shut off valve that’s connected to the gas lines. If you see a blue or red valve, shaped like the top of a “T”, you most likely have a gas system.

What Type Of Heating Systems Are Energy Efficient?

Many older homes have furnaces that are gas-powered units that tend to use a ton of natural resources to keep your home warm in winter. However, new systems that are manufactured tend to be much more energy efficient and come in many sizes and applications. Here are a few of the most popular new heating units for homes in Arizona that place a focus on affordability and energy efficiency.

  • HVAC Units: These Energy Star® rated, all-in-one systems are quite popular in new homes in Arizona and are designed to both heat and cool a home all year long. They are all rated by the Federal Government to be Energy Star® qualified, which means they use less than 30% of the energy older units do to keep a house cool and warm.
  • Heat Pump Systems: These new units are rapidly growing in popularity in Arizona due to the unique features they deliver Arizona homeowners. Basically, a heat pump system uses the natural ‘warmth’ and coolness of the earth’s bedrock to keep your home at a consistent temperature around the clock. When it’s cold inside the house, the heat pump circulates the cold air from your home into the warm ground and returns warm air. When it’s hot inside the home, the system reverses the process. These new units are very energy efficient and can save many homeowners up to 50% on their monthly energy bills.

No matter what type of system you have; gas or electric, the key to keeping any heating systems in tip-top shape is routine maintenance. Make sure you understand what type of system you have before a potential problem occurs. When you are educated about the heating system inside your home, you’ll be better prepared to repair it when you need that warm air the most.

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