What Are The Benefits Of Variable Speed Air Conditioners?

variable speed air conditionersOne of the ‘hot’, new trends in air conditioning growing in the Phoenix metro area is the installation of variable speed air conditioners. Although there are some critics that will argue that variable speed AC systems are not worth the extra money when you look at it from a consumer’s point of view, it’s quite easy to see that there are indeed several benefits to installing one of these units.

4 Benefits Of Installing A Variable Speed Air Conditioner In An Arizona Home

Benefit #1 – They are very energy efficient

You’d think that due to the fact that a variable speed AC system is constantly running that it would consume more energy than a traditional unit. However, you’d be mistaken. The reason that a variable speed system conserves energy is due to the fact that most AC units use more energy upon start up. And when you have to start and stop your AC system several times during the day, this can equate to a massive consumption of resources to keep your home cool. A variable speed system is designed to keep your home consistently cool around the clock by using very little energy to maintain the temperature.

Benefit #2 – They are Quieter than most AC Systems

Did you know that the loudest an air conditioner gets is when it turns on and off? So by simply avoiding this routine step – not only are you saving money, but you are also reducing the overall noise made by the unit. Variable speed AC systems consistently operate on a very low frequency drawing just enough energy to keep the air circulating through your entire home.

Benefit #3 – They produce better indoor air quality

One thing that is not often considered – but really should be a focal point for homeowners in the greater Phoenix area is indoor air quality. One benefit that the variable speed AC units offer homeowners is they create better indoor air quality than traditional systems. They are able to produce better air quality because they don’t turn on and off frequently. When the air inside your home is consistently circulated, it is able to filter the particles through the systems filtration better increasing the indoor air quality significantly.

Benefit #4 – Better Overall Indoor Comfort Control

Living in Arizona comes with two extremes: extreme heat and extreme dry conditions. The only exception to this is during the monsoon season when we then get extreme amounts of humidity during those thunderstorms. A great way to monitor and control these air conditions is by use of a variable-speed air conditioner. A variable speed unit delivers cool, consistent air inside your home, which allows you to maintain better overall indoor comfort. Plus, by circulating the air frequently, it also helps you monitor humidity levels during those late afternoon thunderstorms.

As you can see, a variable speed air conditioner provides a homeowner with several benefits – all designed to save money each month on utilities and also improve indoor air quality. When you’re in the market for a new AC system, consider a new variable speed system as an alternative choice.

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