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Many of our customers do not know that we can replace the water heater in your home.

How do I know if I need to replace my water heater?
If your water heater has visible rust on the jacket, you probably need to replace your water heater. That is because the rust on your water heater is probably caused by a leak in the water heater tank. If your water heater is leaking, it is causing water damage to your home. The longer you wait the more extensive the damage. You also risk the establishment of dangerous mold in your home.

Many homes have the HVAC equipment right next to the hot water heater. That means a leaking hot water heater will leak into the return air section of your air handler or furnace platform. If black mold, or any other mold, grows in that area, your furnace or air handler will then spread it throughout your duct system and throughout your entire home.

Please call the Air and Water Factor office to schedule a free visit / consultation if your water heater is leaking, or if you think your water heater is leaking. 480-706-3333

How do I maintain my water heater?
Periodic flushing is the best practice. The problem with this is that the drain valve at the bottom of the water heater is often cheap and will not close once you open it. You also may have a drain valve on your water heater that is made of plastic. If that is the case the body of the valve may break if you try to flush your water heater yourself.

Air and Water Factor can flush your water heater for you while we are at your home performing annual maintenance on your HVAC system. Then if the valve won’t close, or is plastic, we can replace the valve with a brass bodied drain valve to avoid a flood from a failed drain valve.

If you are interested in Tankless water heaters please call Air & Water Factor at 480-706-3333.

If you want to replace your gas water heater with an electric water heater, please call Air & Water Factor at 480-706-3333.