Trane vs. Carrier : 5 Things to Know About AC Systems.

At Air & Water Factor Cooling, we get many questions about choosing one ac brand over another.

Here are five things you need to know when purchasing a Trane or Carrier air conditioning system.

1. Your house is UNIQUE!!! Brands like Carrier and Trane, have tremendous similarities. However, your specific application…your unique home, may be better suited for one brand or an other. At Air & Water Factor we are multi branded so that we can select the perfect system for your home and situation. Some of the factors we consider are affordability, type of property(ie. rental property or owner occupied), and available space for the new equipment.
A good example of available space, Trane’s Furnaces are 40″ tall. Carrier’s are 33.3″ tall. Sometimes we just cant physically fit the lager furnace.

2. Installation is KING!!! The manner in which this equipment is installed and set up is the leading factor to long trouble free operation. Here is an example. An air conditioning system requires that the refrigerant levels and fan speeds be adjusted in the field during installation. To much or not enough air volume drastically affects comfort, efficiency, and longevity. The same with refrigerant. A good way to ruin a compressor prematurely is to run it low or over on refrigerant level.

3. Don’t become a SPECIFIER!!! It is the responsibility of the installing contractor to determine the correct size and type of system for your house. If you designate a specific size, you assume the responsibility. Once the system is installed, if its wrong, its your problem not theirs. The better strategy is to allow the project estimator determine the proper size and stand behind their work.

4. Avoid “ANALYSIS PARALYSIS”!!! Most of what you read on the internet does not pertain to your specific home in your specific climate. Arizona, has drastically different air conditioning needs than the rest of the country. Therefore, you will rarely read anything that is actually applicable to your situation. Your best bet is to find an company and estimator that you trust. Let them make there own recommendations for you. If you are insistent on getting more than one proposal, limit yourself to 3 or 4 candidates. More than that will confuse you. From that group, you should find someone that you are comfortable with.

5. Contractors are DIFFERENT!!! Focus your internet research on the contractor before inviting them into your home to make a proposal. You will rarely find two contractors with the exact same business practices or procedures. The same goes for estimators. If you get a good estimator that truly has your best interest at heart, then he/she will select the best brand for you as well.

My goal as an estimator is to reduce the overall cost of ownership while providing exemplary comfort. We also install equipment in a manner that makes it easier for the home owner to maintain. We make filters easier to change, we install rooftop units so future roof maintenance is easier. We try to think of everything so that the home owner has years of trouble free, and efficient operation. We can also help make your home more marketable should you decide to sell.

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