Top 3 Benefits Of Having An HVAC Maintenance Program In Mesa AZ

ArizonaLiving in Mesa, Arizona during the winter can be very comfortable. But when the sun dips below the horizon, it can get down-right cold at night in the desert. It’s at this time that your home’s heater will usually kick on automatically to keep your home nice a warm. But, what would happen if your heater shut down unexpectedly? The truth is that this is becoming more common these days for one simple reason – most Mesa homeowners don’t have a good HVAC maintenance program designed to keep their system in tip-top shape.

Why Should You Get Set Up With An HVAC Maintenance Program?

Here are the top three benefits to beginning a solid HVAC maintenance program for people living in Mesa and surrounding cities in Arizona.

Benefit #1 – Routine Maintenance will Help Reduce Monthly Energy Bills

Saving money each month has become a way of life for many Mesa residents. But, did you know that one of the easiest ways to >monthly utility bill is to simply have a few small things inspected in your home’s HVAC system? Believe it or not, there are two things any homeowner can do too; all designed to keep your home clean, improve the indoor air quality and also save money on electricity each month.

  • First – Replace your filters every month. The leading cause of energy usage inside a home is the Heating or AC unit when used in Summer time. And when dirty air filters block the system, it causes the HVAC unit to work harder to achieve the desired temperature. In fact, dirty air filters can cause an HVAC system to work up to 50% harder than it should. This is why it’s advisable to replace your air filters as often as possible.
  • Second – Have the HVAC System Inspected Twice Per Year. There are other factors involved in reducing your monthly energy bill including having the HVAC system inspected prior to optimal use. A great tip is to schedule a HVAC maintenance program early in spring for the AC system and early Fall for the heating system. This will ensure every belt is tight, all lubricants are filled and your system is free of obstructions.

Benefit #2 – Routine Maintenance Will Vastly Improve Indoor Air Quality

Do you live with constant allergies? Or does somebody in your house struggle with COPD? If so, you’re among the 48% of all Arizona residents who live with some sort of breathing condition caused by poor air quality. And believe it or not, the leading cause of allergy flair ups and COPD issues is indoor air quality. A great way to improve this is to follow these two simple steps:

  • Replace air filters every month
  • Have your system inspected bi-annually

It has been shown that simply replacing filters each month can improve the indoor air quality by up to 50% in many cases. This leads to breathing much cleaner air, free of harmful pollutants and dust that often leads to many chronic breathing conditions.

Benefit #3 – An HVAC Maintenance Program Increases Longevity of the HVAC System

Finally, when you take care of any mechanical device, the net result is that the system will last longer. This is why having your HVAC system inspected every six months is a great way to save money on costly repairs that are often caused by lack of a solid HVAC maintenance program. It’s well known that paying a little money and taking a little time today can pay huge dividends in the future. And this definitely is applicable when you start with a solid HVAC maintenance program for any home in Mesa.