Tips For Sizing AC Units If You Need A Replacement At Your Mesa Home

sizing ac units mesaContrary to popular belief, bigger is not always better – especially when it comes to picking the right AC system to power your Mesa home. Like most people that live in the U.S. – value and efficiency are the key elements when it comes to making any major purchase. And when it comes to sizing AC units, there are four basic rules that any home owner needs to follow to ensure you get the most bang for your buck.

4 Rules for Sizing AC Units In Mesa

Rule #1 – Always Contact a Professional HVAC Contractor

Although many people like to do-it-themselves, the truth is that some projects where it’s best seek the advice of professionals. This is especially true within the HVAC sector and picking the right sized AC unit to keep your home cool during the summer months. A professional contractor not only has the experience in helping Mesa home owners pick the right unit – they also have the right tools. In this case, picking any new AC system requires that a load calculation be completed.

If you’re not familiar, a load calculation is an advanced mathematical formula that figures several different individual elements to determine the perfect sized AC system for a particular building. Some of the factors include:

  • Total Square Footage
  • Total amount of rooms inside the home / how many floors?
  • How many windows / and the direction of the windows (are they facing west, east, north or south?)
  • The air duct system currently used inside the home
  • The flooring type, insulation and even materials used in the construction of the home

When a professional HVAC contractor first starts to talk with you about a replacement unit, they should always recommend a load calculation – first. Not only will this help streamline your needs and choices, but it will ensure that your selection is focused on overall comfort, energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Rule #2 – Defer to the Experts Judgment

It’s important to depend on the professional reports provided by the HVAC expert when it comes to choosing the right sized unit. However, there are a few important things to consider that will help you determine whether or not an HVAC contractor is qualified to provide you with good advice:

  • They must be licensed in the state of Arizona
  • They should be NATE certified
  • A good contractor should also be a SRP and APS qualified contractor
  • Look for testimonials on their website

These certifications, memberships and customer experiences will indicate a higher level of credibility and attention to detail. When it comes to choosing an AC unit for you home or building – you always want the best possible advice from the start.

Rule #3 – Focus on Efficiency

With rising energy costs in Arizona, the final rule for sizing AC units in Mesa is to focus on energy efficiency. Again, when you follow the first two rules, this is going to be one of the primary factors that experienced HVAC contractors will integrate into their choice as to which brand and size of AC unit to install inside your home. However, it’s always a good idea for home owners to do some homework in regards to the different type of cooling systems; and figure out which ones are more efficient than others.

The best thing you can do when sizing AC units in Mesa Arizona is to always defer to the opinion of the experts that have installed thousands of cooling systems in Arizona. When you work with a professional contractor you can trust, and that has experience, you’ll quickly discover that they will always have your best interest at heart.