Important Tips to Ensure Electric Space Heater Safety

electric space heater safetyQuite often people living in Arizona use electric space heaters to supplement their in-home heating during the cold winter months. But did you know that the majority of home house fires that occur between October through April are due to typical electric space heater safety violations? Although many people use space heater correctly, there are a few simple safety tips that you should consider anytime you purchase or use electric space heaters in order to keep you and your family safe in winter.

Two Electric Space Heater Safety Tips

Tip #1 – Determine if you need a Space Heater

Many people use space heaters for multiple reasons including:

  • To warm up a home that has some cold spots
  • To heat their home if their primary heating system is broken or worn down
  • To heat their garage, travel trailers or outdoor work areas

If you are using a space heater to warm your home due to a broken heating system, the best safety tip we could suggest is to immediately stop doing this and have your normal system inspected and repaired as soon as possible. Most heating system repairs are more affordable than you’d think, and quite often if you contact a heating repair specialist, you will find that you’ll save more money on fixing your system as opposed to continuing to run your ‘less than energy efficient’ space heater.

Tip #2 – Learn Safety Tips for Purchasing a Space Heater

If you are going to use an electric space heater for outdoor uses or to help warm a cold spot inside your home (like an outdoor casita or apartment that has multiple outside walls), here are a few safety tips for purchasing a new unit that will ensure safety.

  • Only purchase new space heaters that feature up to date and current regulations for safety. A great way to determine this is if the space heater has an UL or (underwriter’s laboratory) safety label on the box and actual unit. This will verify that the system and vendor has been inspected by the UL for safety.
  • Always buy thermostat controlled electric-operated space heaters. It’s never a good idea to purchase a gas-powered space heater, as these systems tend to cause the majority of fires and also increase carbon monoxide production.
  • Make sure you buy a space heater for the intended size of room you want to have heated. Most new space heaters have a general sizing table included on the box that will tell you how large of a room or space it can comfortably and safely heat.

No matter what type of electric space heater you purchase, there are a few common safety tips you need to consider when installing them as well, including:

  • Always install a space heater on a level floor
  • Never install a space heater near water
  • Never use extension cords when plugging your space heater into an indoor area

If you follow these simple electric space heater safety rules, you’ll be prepared to enjoy winter with peace of mind knowing your home is as protected as possible.