How To Lower Your Electric Bill During The Winter Months In AZ

Lower Your Electric BillWhen the temperatures fall in Arizona, the electric bills often rise and people find themselves looking for ways on how to lower your electric bill and be a more energy conscious home owner. However, there are several things any home owner in Arizona can do to lower their electric bills during peak hours in the winter months. And believe it or not, many of these tips will cost you no money – just some effort and careful planning of when to use resources.

3 Easy Tips on How To Lower Your Electric Bill During The Winter Months In AZ

Tip #1 – Use Your Major Appliances during Off Peak Hours

The first and probably the easiest thing any home owner in Arizona can do to reduce your monthly energy bill is to use major appliances during off peak hours. Here are a few examples to consider:

  • Do laundry during the mid-afternoon. Although peak hours change from month to month, during the winter time, most peak hours are at night and early morning hours. This is when most heating systems are in use, and local electric companies know this to be a fact – and will charge people more for this ‘luxury’. So, one way to reduce your bills is to reduce electric usage during peak hours. And one of the leading energy users inside any home is laundry equipment. Try doing laundry during mid-afternoon or late morning hours to save money on your monthly bills.
  • Turn off lights when they are not in use. Another easy thing for home owners to do in wintertime is to turn off lights in rooms that are not used. You can also save money on electricity by replacing older filament light bulbs with new LED bulbs, designed to last longer and use less energy.

Tip #2 – Adjusting The Thermostat Lower

The second way to save money on your monthly energy bill is to set your thermostat a bit lower in wintertime. A leading cause of energy usage inside many homes in Arizona in wintertime is the heating unit. And if the heating unit’s thermostat (which controls how often it is in use) is not adjusted to the appropriate temperature for your family, you are likely spending money every month that could have been saved by making a simple adjustment. By adjusting the temperature by a few degrees can prevent your heating system from staying on longer than it should, which can also lead to premature wear and tear of the unit – and costly repairs. Here is a simple idea – try setting your thermostat one degree cooler each day, until you find that ‘happy spot’ where you are comfortable.

Tip #3 – Keep The Dust To A Minimum

Finally, a great way to reduce your monthly energy bills is to reduce the amount of dust that can restrict air flow through your HVAC system. There are two ways to do this:

  • Replace your inside filters every month
  • Dust off your inside vents every month

When HVAC systems are blocked by dirt and debris, the net result is they have to work harder to achieve a desired temperature. This also can lead to more debris entering the internal components of the heating system, leading to premature damage and costly repairs.

There’s no reason not to Lower Your Electric Bill!

Simply put, there are many small things you can do that will help you learn how to lower the electric bill each month. But the best resource you can use is simple knowledge. Contact your local utility provider and find out when peak hours of operation are for your neighborhood – and try to avoid using many electrical items during this time.