How Long Do AC Units Last In The Extreme Mesa Weather?

how long do ac units lastIt’s often said that the best way to extend the life of any mechanical device is to properly maintain the unit through a proactive service plan. This tried and true service method definitely applies to AC units in Mesa and how long an AC unit will last in our extreme weather conditions. The truth is that there is no cut and dry, black and white answer to the question; how long do AC units last. The reason is simple: there are several individual elements that impact the durability of any AC unit.

3 Things That Directly Impact The Longevity Of An AC Unit

Item #1 – Do You Have The Right Size Unit?

The first thing that causes any mechanical device to fail prematurely is application. For example if you’re looking for a new refrigerator for the home, you wouldn’t expect a small portable office refrigerator to keep all your cold items for an entire household cold, right? The same thing applies to AC units in Mesa. And the first step for making sure you have the right sized unit for keeping your home cool and efficient is starting with proper load calculations.

HVAC service professionals complete a load calculation, where they will use computers and mathematics to determine how big of a unit is right for your specific home. This is the key to making sure that the unit lasts and doesn’t have to overwork itself.

Item #2 – Is The AC Unit Installed Correctly?

The second item that tends to ensure an AC unit lasts longer is the proper installation of the system. Believe it or not, an AC unit is not a typical plug-in-and-go system. It only works properly when installed correctly and operates in conjunction with other systems like the ductwork, thermostats and ventilation systems. Only licensed and professional HVAC Service professionals should install an AC unit inside a home in Mesa.

Installation of an AC unit also impacts how efficient the unit will work. Most service professionals will inspect the entire HVAC system to ensure that when the AC unit is activated, it works at peak efficiency. This sometimes includes fixing leaking ductwork or problems with the interior ventilation systems. The key is to remember that only a professional HVAC service company should ever install a new AC unit.

Item #3 – What Kind Of Maintenance Program Do You Have?

The third element that tends to impact how long an AC system will last is the proper service and maintenance of the entire system. Most people believe that if they simply replace their filters every six months the AC unit will work fine. That’s a myth that can cost them thousands of dollars in unneeded repairs. The truth is that there are several areas that need to be serviced for an AC unit to work correctly including:

  • Change filter’s monthly (same schedule as paying your electric bill)
  • Have system serviced twice a year by a licensed professional
  • If AC System is ground mounted, keep lawn debris away from the outdoor unit
  • Change thermostat batteries once per year, along with smoke detector batteries

Due to the fact that AC units are used heavily in Mesa and the entire State of Arizona, you should always have them inspected and maintained semi-annually by a service professional. In order to know how long do AC units last, is really up to the care and maintenance of the AC unit. It’s always best to schedule an AC tune up before the hot weather approaches to ensure your AC unit will last as long as possible and you’re not hit with any surprises at the height of the summer.