Home AC Filters: What to Know

What kind of AC Filters should I use for my home AC system in Phoenix?

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At Air & Water Factor Cooling – Heating – Plumbing, we are frequently asked about home AC air filters in the Phoenix area.

Phoenix and surrounding cities have very high particulate counts. That means the amount or volume of solid particulate that is suspended in our air is higher than most of the country.

Here’s what you need to know:
The tighter the filter, the more resistance to air flow.

That means that most 1″ thick pleated filters are simply to restrictive for your air conditioning system. Some are worse than others but we only like to use these 1″ thick pleated filters on low velocity applications. If the air speed across the filter is to fast,(which is almost always the case) this filter will reduce capacity, increase energy consumption, and possibly damage the system.

What to do: have a qualified technician do a static pressure test.

While disposable fiberglass filters are considered “good,” pleated filters are considered “better,” and HEPA filters (and certain Electronic Air Cleaners) are considered the “best.”

What is REALLY best: Have your duct static pressure tested with a tool known as a manometer or magnohelic, to KNOW if better filtration will cause a problem.

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