Facts vs. Fiction: Will Closing AC Vents Save Me Money?

close ac ventSome of the greatest stories ever told often begin with the misleading phrase – did you know? Just because something is written on the Internet does not always equate to scientific fact. Such is the case with the myth that closing AC vents and registers in rooms that are not often used will “in fact” save you money on monthly utility bills.

Not only is this not factual, on the contrary, it can actually cause your AC system in Chandler to run less efficiently, thereby increasing the amount of energy consumed each month. Here are a few scientific facts, as discovered by a 2003 Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory study about the fiction of closing AV vent registers in non-popular rooms.

Scientific Facts About Closing AC Vents

Fact #1 – Closing Register Vents Actually Increased Energy Consumption

In the 2003 scientific study, it was confirmed that by closing registers in order to save energy actually increased energy consumption. AC units operate best when all parts of the complete system flow smoothly. However, by closing off vents in some rooms, it actually causes air ducts to form pressure leaks thereby increasing the amount of cool air lost in the system. The result is that the air conditioning unit needs to work harder to keep up the temperature consistent in all rooms that are monitored by the thermostat.

Fact #2 – Closing the Registers Results in Increased Air Flow Resistance

Again, just like the example above, the study in 2003 confirmed that closing more than 60% of the AC vents inside a house would create significant airflow resistance. The byproduct of this is that it not only caused an increase in premature parts wear but is also created a safety concern. In some cases premature electrical shortages lead to fires especially when they tested this myth with heating systems like furnaces.

Fact #3 – The Location of the Closed Vent Registers Impacts the Severity of Air Duct Leaks

It was also confirmed in the 2003 study that the location of closed registers also can cause significant damage to air duct systems. When the vents are close to the AC unit, it creates increased duct pressure, and will not only cause ducts to leak, but to in some cases break their seals. This means that when you open the vents again, more air will escape from the ductwork – all year long.

The direct conclusion of this study confirmed that not only will closing registers NOT save you money, but that it can lead to additional consumption of resources and power to keep a home cool in summertime. This problem gets worse in wintertime when people believe the myth of closing register vents will help keep a home warm in commonly used rooms.

As you can see, when you live in Chandler, AZ or any other city, closing AC vents in attempt to save money will backfire. If you’re looking for efficient ways to save money on monthly AC bills, a great solution is to contact a dependable AC service company to have a routine maintenance check-up on your unit. Take the time to fix the potential problems with an AC system as opposed to depending on misleading myths to potentially save a few pennies on energy costs.