What is the Cost of Waiting to Replace My Air Conditioner?

If you have an aging air conditioning system that still works, you are probably wondering about the optimal time to replace. Do you wait until it fails or do you proactively replace. To answer these questions you really need to know how much MORE it will cost to operate your existing system compared to a new system.

This is the simple math for a one year time frame.

Most manufacturers have their annual price increases. By installing this year you hedge against that pending price increase.

Assuming energy savings are around $500.00 per season. This is of course very speculative but a good guestimate of the additional dollars you will spend this season if you run the old system VS a new system. Every home and usage is different but this is a common seasonal savings.

Annual Service Should be Performed on all Systems…Especially older units. The first year maintenance is included with a new system saving you the expense of that work.

Estimated Manufacturers Price increase $200.00
Probable Additional Utilities $500.00
Winter Tune Up $70.00
Summer Tune Up $70.00
Outdoor Coil Cleaning $85.00

Total Estimated Added Costs to Operate the Existing
System One More Season Assuming No Needed Repairs. $925.00

If you have added refrigerant regularly it means you have a leak.
Typical or Common Cost of Adding Refrigerant $300.00 $1,225.00.
                                                                                                                                                                           In addition to this, if your older system is running on R22 you will want to include in your considerations that R22 systems are being phased out and the cost to repair these is increasing dramatically.

Most Older Systems Have Pitted & Burnt Contactors and Weak
Capacitors. Typical Discounted Cost of New Contactors and
Capacitors if Replaced in One Trip. $425.00 $1,650.00

If you replace now, the first year savings will be between $925.00 and $1,650.00.
These assumptions are all very typical and common. Considerable effort has been made to keep all estimations realistic and in most instances conservative. Nothing has been inflated or exaggerated, but also not guaranteed.

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