Comparing Popular Air Conditioning Units in Phoenix AZ

Air conditioning unitsContrary to popular belief, not all air conditioning units in Phoenix are built identically. In fact, many of today’s top selling brands often are built with completely different components and are designed to accomplish different ancillary objectives. Some are built to cool quickly, while others are built to conserve energy. The great thing about all AC units however, is that it’s possible for you to find a unit that fits your needs, budget and future use easier than ever before.

As such, here are a few of the popular manufacturers of Air Conditioning units sold in Arizona along with some of the individual consumer attributes they are popular to produce.

Three Popular Air Conditioning Unit Types in Phoenix


When people think of the name Trane® – they often associate this popular AC brand with quality. And with a record of building dependable air conditioning systems for nearly 100 years now, it’s no wonder why Trane AC units are regarded as the best overall units that money can buy. However, what is not commonly known is that many of today’s Trane air conditioning units are also built for maximum energy efficiency.

Trane has established a standard for exceeding standards. This is especially true when it comes to being Energy Star® rated. Trane doesn’t just comply with the basic US Department of Energy standards for energy efficiency – they eclipse them. Every Trane AC system sold in America today exceeds the US Department of Energy standards for efficiency. Trane takes pride in the fact that their AC systems are not ‘good enough to meet standards’. In fact, they strive to exceed standards by up to 10% in many cases.


With over a hundred years of experience building reliable air conditioners under their belts, Bryant® AC units have also been a leading provider of new AC units sold in the Phoenix metro areas.  A major consumer attribute that Bryant is known for is their exceptional ratings. In fact, their newest line, the Evolution® System offers the highest rated home cooling system. This revolutionary product line has also earned Consumer’s Digest Best Buy status. That’s a pretty good checkmark of dependability to have. However, their high consumer confidence does not come with the traditional upcharge in pricing. This is why the Evolution System product line and Bryant’s Preferred™ Series and Legacy™ Line products provide home owners in Phoenix exceptional value.


When it comes to innovation and setting a standard for value-based air conditioning systems that exceed standard ratings, Lennox® units take the top prize. When Dave Lennox introduced the riveted-steel furnace in 1895 he set his company on a path to achieve some outstanding success. And today, they are the manufacturers of some of the most energy efficient systems that have all received Energy Star® ratings. They offer over 60-different models of home cooling systems alone – each one tailor-fit to meet the needs of each specific home owner that chooses to buy and install a new Lennox unit.

Whether it’s a Trane, Bryant or Lennox Air Conditioning Unit that you’re looking to buy in Phoenix, you simply can’t go wrong with any of these quality brands. The best advice we can give is to contact your local HVAC professional in Phoenix and ask them about which unit they recommend for your specific home or office space.

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