Common Myths About Residential Air Conditioners In Tempe

Residential Air Conditioners TempeMost homeowners take tremendous pride in every component of their property – especially the condition of their major appliances. When a heater or residential air conditioner in Tempe is not running as efficient as it should, it’s common that the homeowners will take proactive steps to get the unit fixed as soon as possible.

However, there are a few myths about air conditioner systems and how they cost a lot of money to repair that might cause a homeowner in Tempe to delay maintenance. These myths not only false, they can lead to bigger problems if not handled quickly.

3 Common Myths About AC Repair Services

Myth #1 – Air Conditioning Maintenance Is Expensive – FALSE

The truth is most air conditioning service programs are custom made, ensuring that the home owner does not spend money that is not needed on service that isn’t applicable to their specific AC system. For example, a service program for a heat pump system is much different than your typical central air conditioning system. And each brand and size of central air system needs different routine maintenance annually. Most of the quality-driven AC repair companies will work with you to create a service program that is affordable and ensures your system runs smoothly and efficiently around the clock.

Myth #2 – You Only Need AC Maintenance When It’s Not Working Correctly – FALSE

A residential air conditioner in Tempe is very similar to your car. The entire system runs smooth when all parts work together efficiently. And just like your car, if you put off routine maintenance (like changing oil, rotating tires and changing spark plugs) until the car isn’t working perfectly it can lead to expensive repairs. Most AC maintenance programs include the following routine services:

  • Replacing air filters inside the home and inside the system
  • Checking and topping off all fluids, lubricants and coolants
  • Tightening all belts, inspecting hoses and all electrical connections
  • Test the thermostat

When you take the time to complete these routine checks, it keeps your system running strongly and efficiently. Plus, a routine maintenance program will also diagnose larger problems before they occur.

Myth #3 – Residential AC Systems Last Longer than Industrial Systems – FALSE

This one is really funny. It is often believed by homeowners that since their home systems keep smaller areas cooler than industrial systems that they don’t need as much maintenance performed. The truth is that comparing a residential air conditioning system to an industrial system is like comparing apples to oranges. Both systems need to be maintained frequently in order to operate efficiently. Failure to keep your AC system tuned-up frequently can lead to several problems including:

  • Increase in energy consumption
  • Poor indoor air quality
  • Premature wear and tear of major components

As you can see, many of the myths about residential air conditioners in Tempe simply are not true. Take the proactive measure and make sure to schedule a routine service call before the summer heat arrives. This will ensure your home AC unit will be running in tip-top shape.