How To Avoid Heating and Cooling Repairs At Your Phoenix Home

Avoid Heating and Cooling Repairs At Your Phoenix Home

How To Avoid Heating and Cooling Repairs At Your Phoenix HomeThere is nothing worse than having to pay the heating repair guy during the holiday season. At a time when money is tight enough, spending additional money to have your home’s HVAC system fixed when it’s cold outside or blazing hot during summer in Phoenix, Arizona can derail most people’s household budget. Here are three simple recommendations that you can use every month that can help you avoid costly heating and cooling repairs.

Heating and Cooling Repairs Cost Time and Money


Simple Tips To Keep Your Heating And Cooling Unit Running Smoothly…
and Avoid Heating and Cooling Repairs!

Tip #1 – Replace Air Filters Frequently
We can’t stress this enough – the leading cause of most HVAC system breakdown is build-up of dust, debris and other contaminants that leads to a reduction of smooth air flow. And the best way to avoid restriction of air flow inside any HVAC system; heating or cooling, is to simply replace HVAC system filters inside the home on a regular basis. Filters are designed to trap debris from entering internal components that drive virtually any mechanical device. And when the air flow is disrupted or blocked, the result is that the HVAC system needs to work harder to achieve desired results. However, the easiest thing you can do to avoid costly damage to your heating or cooling unit is to simply replace those air filters as often as possible.

Tip #2 – Dust Off Vents
Replacing filters is a great way to reduce common air system failures and parts breakage. But did you know that simply dusting off the vents inside of your home can also help prevent damage to the HVAC system? Just like replacing filters, cleaning the vents in your home helps to reduce the amount of dust throughout your home. This can lead to several benefits including:
Decrease monthly energy bills by reducing the amount of energy needed to power your system
Increase the internal air quality by keeping the vents free of dust, allergens and other debris
Extend the longevity of major electronics in the house. When the vents are free of dust and debris, it is likely that your home’s electronics will not gather tons of debris that finds itself embedded inside those delicate electronic devices like computers and televisions.

Tip #3 – Have Your Heating & Air Conditioning Inspected Frequently
Finally, the best way to avoid major repairs on your heating and AC units is to simply have a professional inspect them frequently. It is recommended that you contact a licensed HVAC repair specialist to inspect the HVAC system twice per year – once in spring before the Air conditioning is used frequently, and once in fall before you crank up the heater.

When you take care of any mechanical device, the net result is that the system will last longer. This is why having your HVAC system inspected every six months is a great way to save money on costly repairs that are often caused by lack of a solid HVAC maintenance program. It’s well known that paying a little money and taking a little time today can pay huge dividends in the future. And this definitely is applicable when you start with a solid HVAC maintenance program for any home in Phoenix, AZ and surrounding cities of the East Valley.

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