Allergies and Indoor Air Pollution in Arizona – what you can do

Allergies and Indoor Air Pollution in Arizona: Open Doors & Invite Poor Air Quality In

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Allergies and Indoor Air Pollution in Arizona – what you can do

As the spring season approaches, many homeowners will make a common mistake that they believe is the right thing to do – open the doors and let the ‘fresh air’ inside. The truth is that the air outdoors is not always as clean and fresh as you’d think. In fact, recent studies have shown that most metropolitan areas ‘common air’ is infested with allergens, pollutants and chemicals that create indoor air pollution when they enter a home.

So what should a homeowner do to ‘air out’ their home and improve the indoor air quality of their house? Here are a few things to consider that will help you improve the indoor air quality of your house while also ensure your home stays fresh and clean in spring.

Allergies and Indoor Air Pollution in Arizona – what you can do

Indoor Air Pollution: Tips To Keep Your Indoor Air Clean

Tip #1 – Replace your HVAC system Filters Before You Open Doors

When you open windows, doors and let ‘fresh air’ into the home, the truth is that more dirt, dust, debris and pollutants enter the home. Most of these particles are microscopic so you can’t see them at first. And although it is a good idea for fresh air to cycle into and outside your home, believe it or not, you have a great and more effective way to accomplish this – the filtration system that makes up your HVAC unit.

This is why the first tip to help improve the indoor air quality during spring, or as the weather starts to improve, is to replace the HVAC filters before you open any doors. This will ensure that when your HVAC system is running, and circulating fresh air into your home, the filtration system will trap as many of those small, harmful particles as possible.

Tip #2 – Take Proactive Measures to Dust – Properly and Often

Another way to help improve the indoor air quality inside your home is to consider the way you dust. Typically, people will use a feather duster to brush off countertops, lamps, electronics and other areas that collect dust. However, all this does is spread the dust into the air – the same air that you breathe. So try using a microfiber dust cleaning cloths that are designed to collect dust without spreading the pollutants into the air.

Just as important as knowing what methods are best for dusting, it’s also critical to know where to dust to ensure the bad stuff doesn’t cycle through your home. This is why we’d suggest taking a proactive step to dust your vents that pull air into and distribute clean air into the home.

Most vents inside a home are never touched. However, they are the number one place that directly impacts the clean air cycling inside a home. Consider this as an example: Let’s say that you are washing your car. You just spent time scrubbing all the dirt off the car, you even got some bug and tar remover and removed all those dead bugs from your front bumper. Then all of the sudden you pour the bucket of dirty soapy water and simply spray it off. Why?

Believe it or not, people do this all the time. But, the result is that all that dirt you just washed off the car is now back onto the car. Same thing applies with filters and vents. If your filters are clean, but the vents are dirty, the result is that the dust on the vents will be circulated through the house.

Allergies and Indoor Air Pollution in Arizona – what you can do today!
There are many custom-made indoor air pollution removal systems sold by reliable vendors like Trane. These units can and will significantly improve the indoor air quality inside a home. But before you invest in a new system, consider these two simple tips for reducing the current indoor air pollution inside your home. You will notice a higher quality of life, cleaner air and be able to enjoy the wonderful spring weather. If you feel that your looking to raise the bar with your indoor air quality and would like to learn more about the options available to assist with clean air in the home or office, contact the team at Air and Water Factor by calling 480-706-3333.

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