3 tips to reduce heating costs this winter


A few tips from the professionals at Air and Water Factor for lower heating bills this winter:

1. Making the thermostat warmer by as few as one degree could make a different in heating costs. Bringing the temperature five degrees lower – from 73 degrees to 68 degrees, for example, – could result in 10 to 15 percent savings or more!

2. Turning heaters off when away from home may seem like a cost-saving measure, but it may be more efficient to keep the temperature a steady temperature during cold snaps. It would be better to leave it at 68 degrees, for example, to maintain a steady temperature in the house. Moving the temperature up and down will overwork the system.

3. Finally, good maintenance on your heating system and the filters is crucial.

Other tips:

— block cold air from entering homes by covering drafty windows and door cracks with a towel or blanket

— shut the vents in uninhabited rooms to focus heated air to the rooms where there is activity.

— Finally, Call Air and Water Factor at 480-706-3333 for a heating system check-up, before it gets COLD!