3 Summer Energy Saving Tips That Help Reduce Monthly Bills

summer energy saving tipsAs the hot weather approaches, the temperature is not the only thing that rises. Sadly, our monthly energy bills also tend to reach their peak during the summer season. There are several reasons for this, including the fact that normal operating rates magically rise when more consumption is reported. But, in general, there are many summer energy saving tips all designed to save you money each month – without significantly reducing your overall indoor comfort.

3 Energy Saving Tips To Help You Save Money During The Summer Months

Tip #1 – Keep Your Window Shades Closed

Direct sunlight is the biggest reason for heat generated inside your home, regardless of the season. So it makes sense that the best and most affordable way to reduce your summertime heat is to block that sunlight from entering your home – right? Believe it or not, many of us forget this simple energy saving tip during the summer, but it can produce huge savings.

As a matter of fact, it is estimated that by simply leaving your window blinds closed, especially on east and west facing windows, you can reduce the normal indoor temperature by up to 15 degrees. And if the air conditioning system doesn’t have to work as hard to lower the temperature inside your home that will equate to less energy consumed – and more money saved each month.

Tip #2 – Use Major Appliances During Off-Peak Hours

Another very simple, yet often never considered, energy savings tip for summer is to try and use your major appliances during off-peak hours of billing. For example: most people living in the Phoenix metro area pay a premium to use electricity between the hours of 5pm-10pm. This is ironically the time of day when most people use:

  • Kitchen major appliances to make dinner
  • Laundry major appliances to clean clothing
  • Entertainment major appliances to enjoy TV or use the computer and other entertainment options.

The energy saving tip here is to try and use some of your larger energy drainers during off-peak hours. For example:

  • Try running your dishwasher late at night before going to bed or after getting the kids off to school.
  • Try to do laundry during mid-day, or on weekends
  • Do your best to keep lights turned off during peak hours.

Tip #3 – Become Vigilant About Indoor Air Quality – Change Those Filters Frequently

This energy saving tip might not seem to be practical, but in reality paying a little bit of money to replace your indoor air filters of your HVAC unit can save a ton. Plus, it’ll also help improve your indoor air quality. It is recommended that any homeowner in the Phoenix metro area replace their indoor HVAC filters at least every two months. When you have clean filters the result is that the air circulating through your home is much cleaner, flows into the HVAC system with less restriction and consumes less energy. This means lower monthly energy bills.

When the summer season hits, and the temperatures are beginning to skyrocket above the triple-digit range, simply implement these three summer energy-saving tips and you’ll discover how quickly your energy bills will lower.

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